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Missing Data - Urgent!

In one of our data stores the data has disappeared and we can no longer use our apps or Kinvey! What has happened???

Hi Rob,

Can you share the Kinvey app id? Can you provide some more details on the timeline when this happened?



Kinvey Support


First noticed yesterday morning at around 9:30 am. When I went to see the data in activation collection there are all the rows but the data columns are blank for all entities. The app was working ok a few minutes before that. How can the data disappear by itself? 

Hello Mr Freeman,

See the file attached below:  It appears as though the objects still have data in them, this could be a bug in the databrowser on the kinvey website, can you try logging out and back in again to see if that resolves your issue?

Based on the objects below can you tell me if you see any data missing?  


--Edit:  Screenshot removed --

Still occurs. From the .png it appears data is missing. There should be no blanks in the data fields and it looks like the password field is missing any data.

Anything yet? This has really created a problem for us so any resolution soon would be appreciated.

Mr Freeman, 

I edited out the password field as this forum is public, but it was intact.  Can you please tell me what data is missing?  And is it missing from every item?


1) No user fields are showing data in the databrowser on kinvey site.

2) In one of our apps we can see all the data when we logon as master.

3) A hook in one of our collections find the data in the activation collection.

4) We also tried to query Activation entities in API Console and the entity exists but all user fields are absent from the result except the user field and data used as search criteria"
e,g. We searched on group_id = C5z_5rr4 and the result is:

"group_id": "C5z_5rr4",
"_acl": {
"creator": "kid_VeJr_VEMIO"
"_kmd": {
"lmt": "2015-12-28T21:18:27.477Z",
"ect": "2015-12-28T21:18:27.477Z"
"_id": "5681a72330bfee1c0604a69c"


3) Suddenly a hook in one of our collections cannot find the data in the activation collection.


If you remove all business logic from this collection are you still missing any data?  


There is only a single preSave hook defined.

Would disabling it have any effect?


Could you try disabling it and see if there is any effect?  If the problem persists can you give me a better understanding of what data is missing as I'm still not understanding that completely.


 Please check out the image. password, group_id and isgroupleader fields are blank.



Could you please add as a collaborator to this project so that we can look at this in more detail?


 Damien, you are already added as a collaborator. Thanks.

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