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Missing Data - Urgent!

In one of our data stores the data has disappeared and we can no longer use our apps or Kinvey! What has happened???

Damien, Seems like your system eats up a post with Image inserted. This happened twice to me.
Please check it out too.
It is working ok now but could you please check why user fields are not showing in the query attached?


(21.1 KB)
Damien, the backend queries seem to work ok now.
On API console I use post and provide search criteria in the body then press send request, I am getting the entity but without user fields.



Work on this issue and will get back to you  soon.

Please hold on.


Have you been able to find any queries that are not working as intended?


Damien, I am working on it please hold on.
I should be able to get back to you tomorrow.



Kashif the last update in the ticket was:

"If you hide the password field in the databrowser your other data will show without issue.

Also, can you please give me an example of a query that will fail via rest with no business logic?"

Please let me know.


Damian, Rob has already added me to this ticket but I cant see it on my Tickets page.
I cant see your replies anymore due to this.


I'm looking around now, this might take some a few hours.  I will be in touch.


 Damien, you are already added as a collaborator. Thanks.


Could you please add as a collaborator to this project so that we can look at this in more detail?


 Please check out the image. password, group_id and isgroupleader fields are blank.



Could you try disabling it and see if there is any effect?  If the problem persists can you give me a better understanding of what data is missing as I'm still not understanding that completely.


There is only a single preSave hook defined.

Would disabling it have any effect?


If you remove all business logic from this collection are you still missing any data?  



3) Suddenly a hook in one of our collections cannot find the data in the activation collection.

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