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Genera advice wanted on Parse >> Kinvey

Hi, All:

I'm offering a workshop in a month for computer science faculty, and it was going to be based on Since is shutting down and no longe accepting new users, I am (rather urgently) looking for an alternative. It appears that switching from Parse to Kinvey should be relatively painless: I have 2 apps, both functional, using iOS and Android, that will need to be ported.

Is this going to be easy? It looks straightforward, but was just wondering if there are any "gotchas".

Thanks for any advice,


I'll answer my own question ... apart from a very annoying issue with bridging headers, so far Kinvey looks like an almost plug-and-play replacement. Nice job, Kinvey!

Hi Michael,

Can you please share steps, documentation or code that might help understand how you did it? I might be able to help with the headers issue.



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