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Two Issues swith iOS Users Guide


I've noticed a minor and trivial issue in the iOS User's Guide:

Minor Issue:

The iOS Users Guide says, with respect to getAccessDictionaryFromTwiotterFromPrimaryAccount(), the following: "If the account is available and authenticated by Twitter (using the supplied client credentials), then the return value will be a NSDictionary already formatted for +[KCSUser loginWithSocialIdentity:accessDictionary:withCompletionBlock]."

However, in the .h file it says it returns void. So, I think there might be an error in the documentation.

Trivial Issue:

In the discussion of the KCAppdataStore, it says "The library provides KCSAppdataStore as the base class for data store that send and load data from the backend." This doesn't seem to be grammatically correct, and since I am not entirely sure what the KCSAppdataStore is doing, I just wanted to draw this to someone's attention.



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Thanks for letting us know Michael,

We'll get this addressed as soon as possible.

Enjoy your evening.

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