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Parse to Kinvey FAQ (Under Construction)

Hello and welcome to everyone considering moving to Kinvey from Parse.  To begin with, we're happy to have you here.  

This thread is going to be for common questions / Answers asked by people who have made the migrations to Kinvey from parse.

Q. How do I migrate my data over to Kinvey?

A. Migrating your data can be done by going into your app > App Settings > And selecting "Export App Data".  This will dumps your classes and users out to JSON, which can then be imported on the Kinvey side by signing up at our console ( ), Creating a new app > Creating a New Environment and importing your JSON (under settings of the users / data sections of the console). 

Q. How do I setup relational data in Kinvey?

A. In general we don't recommend using relational data within Kinvey (this doesn't mean that you can't).   Our former CTO wrote a wonderful blog post to help people understand how we envision applications being built (Available over here: ) and ( ) Following those instructions you should rarely if ever need to use relational data directly.

But in the event that you do need to use relational data we have guides outlining how to setup and resolve relational data in Kinvey on our Devcenter -- . (In the event that you don't use iOS you can change the language in the top right of the devcenter to your language of choice).  This guide will go over how to setup and resolve relations

More to come.