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Discussion: Parse to Kinvey migration issues

Hello All,

This is Damien the lead technical support engineer at Kinvey.   I want to start a discussion with you ladies and gents migrating over from Parse and try to understand what issues you have run into, and how you've resolved them.  This will really help me build out the FAQ for new people that are migrating over.  

Also, our engineers are acutely aware of these discussions and are ready to engage and help where necessary when things are in a field that I'm not familiar with.  


Id love to see a sample Swift App.

If it could touch on the following it would be great

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KCSUser Subclass

An "event" class with 



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actually.. I would recommend to reprogram ALL iOS sample apps to SWIFT.

as far as I have seen in the developer community, all NEW projects are done with SWIFT...  SWIFT has grown up and is already 2 years old..  


I am mostly in agreement with you, however we still need to support the needs of legacy customers as well as developers that like the newest technology.   We are looking at breaking the iOS (objective -C) and Swift libraries apart at some point in the future ( still a number of months out from now).   

We appreciate the feedback and I will bring it up to our product team to keep them appraised of what our developers are saying.


Hi there, I've had a great experience so far moving a web app across to Kinvey, I particularly like how in Kinvey you work with plain objects rather than .get() and .set() in Parse. However, my one major pain point has been Parse Cloud Code -> Kinvey Business Logic. Debugging Business Logic is really hard and error messages have no line/column information which is making it virtually impossible to debug. Any advice?


Debugging Business logic is difficult, but there are generally messages that come back and lines will generally get highlighted where there's an error... could you help me understand what the issues you've been seeing are?


Am evaluating several alternative mBAAS offerings to replace Parse. So far Kinvey is at the top of the list, except for one important feature. Right now I have some apps that need to share data and business logic. The apps do have unique bundle IDs since they need to be able to receive Push Notifications. Parse allowed a single "app" of theirs to support up to 6 Push certificates, which allowed me to do what I needed.

Does Kinvey have any plans to add some a feature? And if so, in what time frame?


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