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Test Drive sample app + File

Can someone look at this sample project and see why its throwing an exception on .  fileId

        // the load.  Normally you would want to implement more code here
        TestObject * test = objectsOrNil[0];

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Hello Robert,

It seems as though you've run into a combination of a bug, and a slight error in your code.

When you initialize the object your code should look something more like this:

+(NSDictionary *)kinveyPropertyToCollectionMapping


    return @{ @"pic" : KCSFileStoreCollectionName };


Once initialized properly you will still have an issue due to a problem in our iOS library for the time being. We are addressing that problem and have a fix in code review right now. In the interim you can use version 1.39.0 and the problem should be resolved.

Edit: Our iOS library developer has mentioned that you may be able to get around this issue by saving the file ID rather than mapping to the file itself.


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