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Cannot upload p12 file to enable push notification

The error message is:

There was an internal server error when processing your push configuration. Please verify that password is correct and certificate is not expired.

I have tried Firefox, safari and chrome. I have generated about ten p12 certificates including development and production. I can upload it yesterday but cannot receive any push notifications using the console.

If I pay $200 to be an INDIE, would you please fix the push notification for me?

By the way, my program can only use Kinvey version 1.38.0. If upgrade to current version, many error occurs.

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It works now. I have no idea what happened. I guess you guys did some amazing work.  Thanks.

My project is supported by an NSF I-Corps award and I will also seek further investments. So I will rely on Kinvey in a long time. Thanks.

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