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Query performance

Hello, I could not find this information on the website so I am asking here. Typically how long does the Kinvey take to complete query request? I believe it depends on a number of records in the database. For example, assuming there are 10k, 100k, 1m, or 5m records, and i want to selectively retrieve only 10 entities(such as 10 highest values), how long does the query process take? Is there a way to estimate the duration or improve performance?

Kyungsuk, There are commercially available tools for testing this. You could make a collection with number of records and query it. Generally the size of the collection will play slightly into the retrieval time, and there are upper limits (set in place by Mongo itself) on how large a collection can be. But in general if you have 5 million records and they are all fairly small (say 100 bytes) vs a collection of similar size that is 10,000 records, it stands to reason that the one with 10,000 records will be slightly faster or the same. You can test this using Postman which will record how long a call takes. cURL will also do this from the command line. Other more robust testing tools like Jmeter are also available for free usage. Thanks,

I see. I'll try that with Postman. Thank you for the information.

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