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KinveyEntity.m:69 [ERROR]

I'm facing an issue while trying to save contents, below is the error : 

KinveyEntity.m:69 [ERROR] EXCEPTION Encountered: Name => UnsupportedFeatureException, Reason => This version of the Kinvey iOS library requires clients to override this method

2016-02-24 10:23:46.188 moBack_tut[29038:833157]

PS. I have intergrated kinvey sdk with cocoapods.


Can you please upload the code that you see around this block?



Honestly, yesterday was showing me that error, but today is gone somehow IDK :)

Here is the code : 

 store.queryWithQuery(KCSQuery(), withCompletionBlock: { (object :[AnyObject]!, error :NSError!) -> Void in

if error == nil {


self.labels.text = object[1]["name"] as? String




}, withProgressBlock: nil )

Well I'm glad that you got it figured out Edis,

Let me know if there's anything else that you need :)

Enjoy your afternoon,

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