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Step by Step Migration from Parse.

I'm one of Parse's victims, although very pleased with their service, i find Kinvey reaching there soon. I have not been able to find a step-by-step migration from Parse to Kinvey, is there such a thing?

If not could you direct me, or nudge me in the right direction, as to how to migrate? 

Another question is after migration, by changing all code that has been written in to comply with Parse's methods and class, etc, to that of Kinvey SDK, will the app continuo to store data? 

Currently my app is not yet launched. It stores a lot of user data, e.g (Images, Videos, Locations, text, other data), will that be a feasible to keep doing on Kinvey? 

Thank you.

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While there are lots of similarities between parse and Kinvey, there's some fairly pronounced differences as well.  There isn't a guide that goes over exactly how you would migrate all your data, it's something that we've been trying to put together, but none of us have large enough apps on Parse (I have an account with some sample data) to really make a use case of migrating.  The best way to migrate over to Kinvey is to export your collections in Parse to JSON and import the JSON into collections in Kinvey.   While we do support object references, we are much more geared towards people using a "flat" structure for the objects rather than trying to relate collections like they would in an SQL type rdb.  Aside from that, we do have file storage on our platform (though there are limits, outlined on the pricing pages) and support offline caching of objects (though offline data storage would still be tricky.)

If you have more specific concerns please let me know and I'll do my best to address them, but in general, we do everything parse does, but with a slightly different view on how to architect your application overall.  These two blog posts should really be required reading before building on Kinvey, as they will save you a LOT of headaches:

Please let me know if you have any other questions I can help you with.

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