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Xcode 7.3 beta shows error on `import Kinvey`


I've been using iOS SDK 1.40.4 in Swift project for some time and it worked fine. After I updated SDK to 3.0 beta Xcode started to show this error:

  Module file was created by an older version of the compiler; rebuild 'Kinvey' and try again: <path here>/Kinvey.framework/Modules/Kinvey.swiftmodule/arm64.swiftmodule

 I'm using latest Kinvey framework and Xcode 7.3 (7D152p). `xcrun swift -version` prints Apple Swift version 2.2

Can I fix this error somehow or should I just wait for the next version of the framework?


Thanks for letting us know Egor, the beta version of the iOS library is still in it's very early stages and may not work with beta builds of Xcode.  

Enjoy your evening!

The new version (1.40.5) works fine for me on both release and beta Xcode versions. The problem occurred only with 3.0 beta framework.

I decided to switch to stable 1.40.5 until 3.0 beta SDK will be updated for Xcode 7.3.

Can you try importing 1.40.5?  We just pushed out a new version today... we didn't change anything that should fix this I don't think, but I do want to ensure that it's a bug before I file it.


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