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Fetch user information Android


This is my first time using kinvey as a backend and I am trying to add an extra boolean to verify my user finished the IntroActivity . The boolean  gets saved online in a correct way but when i try to get it from the server I only get a null response. It feels like I am doing something basic wrong but I really cant figure out what it is.  For example do I need to build a GenericJson for the user or is this automatically done? 

So for example this below currently prints out null. 


                   Log.d(TAG, "" + App.getInstance().getKinvey().user().get("IntroFinished")) }

Thanks for the help! 


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Hi Adam,

Have you modified the user class to include the IntroFinished property? After using put method to edit the user locally, are you using update to push the update user to the backend? After updating the user, are you able to see the updated value of IntroFinished in Kinvey web console?

If you need help to do the things above, you can find the necessary documentation here -

In case this doesn't work, can you add some code so that I can take a look?



Kinvey Support

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