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How can i make a chat app using kinvey MBaaS with android that can make realtime communication?


I developed an android app with kinvey MBaas which gives me response as onSuccess or onFailure when i save the data in collection.

Now i am wondering that how can i make the realtime communication like whatsapp chat in my application using kinvey MBaaS.


Sukhpal Singh

Hi Sukhpal,

Can you tell me a little more about your use case by answering following questions:

  1. Is it an enterprise application or a social one?
  2. What is the user base you are targeting? (Number of users, geographical location etc.)
  3. What is the traffic you are expecting in the next 3-12 months?
  4. What are the features you want to provide (location/media sharing etc)?


Hi Aniruddha,

1. This is a social app.

2. Expecting more than 10000 user next 3 or 4 months only in india.

3. I am expecting 1000 requests per sec after launching the app in the next 3-12 month.

4. Yeah, location and media sharing (only images).



O have the similar case , what is the answer
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