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modifying a data value of a user does not work


can I directly modify an existing data value in the Users in the web console?

For example, my users have a column storing a String array. During the test time, I modified the String array from the web console and tried to retrieve the data using my app, and the app failed to retrieve the array with a classCast exception.

Before the modification, I had no trouble retrieving the array as an ArrayList<String> object, but after the modification I get an class cast exception. It seems like changing the value from the web console makes the data to behave strangely even though the data format looks fine in the web console.


Without seeing your code / the console, it's really hard to tell you what's happening here.  That said, Kinvey is not a database in the traditional rows / columns way.  We are running on a Mongo database, which simply stores JSON values.  If you edited the values in the Console, it's possible that you changed something in a way that it no longer gets accepted as a String to your arraylist, you may have added an additional quotation mark which would throw off the JSON formatting.... there's a lot of issues that could be happening here.  

If you can provide some code and walk me through the values that you changed on the console (What were they initially / what are they now when the errors are happening), and the code that you're using to access them we can probably work through this.  


Hello Damien,

The error was caused by a different issue and I fixed it. It was my mistake.

Kinvey was working perfectly fine and the error was not related to the web console at all.

I was able to change existing data values and everything worked perfectly.

Thank you for the support.

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