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providing _id for new Kinvey user when signing up with facebook credentials


currently I am using the loginFacebook() method to login a facebook user using the below code.

mKinveyClient.user().loginFacebook(accessToken, new KinveyUserCallback() { ..... }

This code is convenient because I can skip the user sign-up procedures, and I can just provide the access token. However, Is there a way to provide "_id" for the new user? I know Kinvey generates an unique _id for a new user, but I want to use an unique _id created by my app.

Thank you.

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I don't believe that is possible at the moment with Kinvey.

Instead, can you take the Kinvey generated _id and use it in your app? That's an alternate approach you can take.



Kinvey Support

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