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Kinvey business logic timeout solution

Hi everyone, I have been recently been trying to set up some server side sorting using Kinvey Business logic. My app collects a list of times and users and I have been trying to parse these times into some more useful data for the end user that can be immediately downloaded. I want sort through the applicable data at the end of everyday. My problem is the sheer number of reported times means that 2000ms timeouts are likely. How should I structure the sorting so that I do not have these timeouts? At the moment my ideas are as follows: Download all the data to my own server, process it and then upload or parse it in smaller portions inside business logic to avoid to 2000ms timeout. 

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Hi Joshua,

Can you give me more information about the use case:

  1. What kind of data are we talking about? How many records per day?
  2. What does sorting/processing actually involve?
  3. Have you tested this locally? What kind of execution time are you looking at?

This information will help me answer your questions better.



Kinvey Support

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