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nearsphere not working when adding a radius value

I want my application to locate entities in and around a given users location coordinates I used the nearsphere function to try and pick out values from my database that are around/within the radius limit. But it keeps turning out an array of empty values fetched. But when i dont provide a radius value and use nearsphere it fetches all the entries in my database, which is not what i want What i have done so far 1. used nearsphere query.nearSphere("_geoloc", 77,0, 11.0, 0.5); which yields 0 results from the resultant evententities Array However if i use nearSphere("_geoloc", 77.0, 11.0); it fetches all the locations in my DB in the resultant array. 2. _geoloc is a column entity in my database, and values are getting stored there too. I am not sure if i have missed out any dependencies, is there an external library or something that needs to be used for this nearsphere function to work properly? Please let me know if any further clarifications or data is required. Thanks in advance!
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Can you please answer a couple of questions for me:

  1. What is the KID of your app?
  2. Which version of Kinvey Android SDK are you using?
  3. Can you share code snippets of relevant part of your code?
  4. Are you seeing any specific failures - error codes, messages, etc.?

A way to confirm issues with Android SDK is to try out the same queries with Kinvey API console and see if you get expected results. Can you also try that and let me know how that goes. Documentation for REST API is available at:



Kinvey Support

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