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Generating thumbnails from uploaded images?

We're using Kinvey to develop an app (for mobile and desktop) that, among other things, allows users to upload images to the cloud and have it become immediately available on any other device that's currently logged in and has the app open. 

Part of our design requires that we take these images and generate thumbnails with them that will then be downloaded by the client applications and cached, so the user has a preview available immediately.

Is there any way to accomplish this with Kinvey's business logic? Or will we have to find another way to do it? 


As of today, there's no ready way to achieve this with Kinvey.

One of our customers implemented this as a Java Service on Google App Engine that ran as external BL:

Otherwise, you might want to explore ways outside Kinvey to achieve this.



Kinvey Support

Am I right in saying that there is no Python SDK available at the moment? The only post I can find about a Python SDK is kinda old, and says to use Jython.

Hi Enrico,

As of today, we do not officially support Python. An unofficial python/jython port might be available online.

If you want to use Python, I would suggest that you use Kinvey REST API with a python REST library of your choice.



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