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Kinvey seems to send GCM payload enclosed under the "msg" key


I am trying to set push notifications for my Android app.

I have entered the "Sender ID" and "API Key" in the "Engagement > Push > Configuration" page, and tried to send push notifications to my app in 2 ways: the  "Engagement > Push > Send Push" page and a dedicated custom endpoint using the "push" module (either with the sendMessage or sendPayload method). 

In both cases, the message or object I have sent is eventually located under the key "msg" (in the object I receive from GCM). This is not what I expected: the sent message / object should be located at the root of the object. Am I doing something wrong here?


FYI, I managed to receive a "well-formatted" push notification using some online tool that allows me to precisely define the payload (


Thanks in advance for your help,


Hi Joffrey,

Are you able to get your message/object properly under msg key? Can you tell me what issue you are facing due to this particular structure of push notification?



Kinvey Support


Thanks for your reply!

Yes, I am able to get the whole expected object under the "msg" key.

The issue is: when my app is in background, I do not get the native notification message + title if the object is located under the "msg" key. It works if I use instead of Kinvey to send the exact same (expected) object.



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