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Can't view javascript-sdk-core source on GitHub

Looking at the new JS SDK on github I see it pulls in most of the code via ```javascript-sdk-core``` but while that is in npm I cannot find the repo in GitHub. The npm link 404s

Is it private? If so can you make it public? Thanks

That is good news indeed. I've discovered I can use the dist un minified version from git hub which let's me debug and understand the code. This is my most pressing need. Another option would be to build my own once all source is available.


Wani and I spoke with our VP of Product today about this. The decision has been made to make the SDK source available but the timeline for making that operational has not yet been identified. He is considering what we can do for you in the meantime. I'll update this as soon as we know something.

Hi Wani

> Can you tell how this affects your development process?

> makes dev much harder

* No visibility of the SDK API (contract) other than docs

* No way to figure how code functions other than docs or support

* Impossible to debug in the browser without source code + maps

* Impossible to track down bugs and raise issues for you, let alone Pull Requests (fixes)

All the other suppliers I looked at provide the client SDK as an open source project. As it is you provide a wrapper but not the internals.

Hi Steve,

I am looking into this. I will get back to you shortly.

Can you tell how this affects your development process?



Kinvey Support

So to partially answer my own question, I guess it not private as I can read the source in the distributed file. However it would be better to have source (and sourcemaps).

For now I just wanted to see if your observables really where RxJS. I see they are, probably 4.0. Plus I wondered how much of the big monster you include :)

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