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Interactive API reference is very broken

Subject: Interactive API reference is very broken

Unusable really

* select HTML5 v3.0 beta

* click on Reference and then API reference

* takes you to page
- which seems rather suspect

* click on "Kinvey" top left

* even more suspect

* click on any link

* get "Server Error and there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth"
- I assume a 404?

The obvious work around of going back in browser history does not work
as history has been changed. Have to click of reference, then api
reference again

Wani, looks like I forgot to perform a final action so the error screen was captured. Try this one


My previous reply got stuck in moderation


After a little investigation it's specific to Edge browser - strange as it's throws a "server" error.

Attached is a Microsoft PSR recording which you can play back in IE or Firefox etc with a plugin. Let me now if that's a problem but was the quickest solution


Is still happening to me. Let me sort out a screen recording.


Hi Steve,

I believe this was a temporary issue as I am not seeing this behavior now. This could have happened as v3 related documentation is being updated frequently right now as v3 features are being built and tested.



Kinvey Support

I understand you switched websites recently so could that be related?
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