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Unable to create new user

I am unable to create user through java.I am getting following exception. unknown





 at com.kinvey.UserService.main(

My code is:

final Client mKinveyClient = new Client.Builder(appKey, appSecret).build();


        try {

    Boolean pingResult =;

     System.out.println("Client ping result -> " + pingResult);

       mKinveyClient.user().loginBlocking(appKey, masterSecret).execute();

         System.out.println("Auth Token-->" +mKinveyClient.user().getAuthToken());


    User result = mKinveyClient.user().createBlocking("", "Test@123").execute();


        catch (IOException e){

           System.out.println("Couldn't login -> " + e.getMessage());




Can you tell me what you are trying to do in your code? Can you tell me on which line you are getting the error? I see three distinct steps in above code- ping, login with master secret & logout and user signup.

Also, using master secret in your client side code/app logic is strongly discouraged.



Kinvey Support

Thank you for your reply.Actual issue with business logic.Now I am using appSecret only for services.

Thank you Aniruddha Wani.Actual issue with business logic.Now iam using appSecret key only for client side code.

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