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Zero hourly active users

I'm using the Kinvey api for iOS to run a faucet in the iOS app store, everything had been running smoothly up until yesterday when my hourly active users plummeted to 0. I know users are still using my app as I'm still receiving ad revenue. This is of high importance because I have a critical app update waiting to enter the app store that relies heavily on the correct operation of Kinvey api. Nothing had changed on my part and no updates were released between when the hourly active users feature was working and when it stopped working, simply a pending release of an update. I'd like to know what's up with the dashboard and possibly the api before I release this update so any help is appreciated.

Hi Bryan,

This seems to be an issue on our side at the moment. Nothing seems to wrong on your end.

FYI, "Hourly Active Users" Graphs for Last week and Last Month seem to be working, but not Last Day.

I will keep updating on the progress we make.



Kinvey Support

Hello Bryan,

This problem has been escalated to Engineering for analysis and resolution. I would like to ask you some questions.

  1. I assume that you are still seeing this problem. Given that this is day 2, are there zero active users for both yesterday and today, just for today, or something else? Basically, can you describe what you see today with respect to the problem? I want to find out if there is anything different in the behavior.
  2. How critical is this to your app? Is it impacting the way it is handled in the app store?

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Billy Gee

Yes I am still experiencing this problem, I'm seeing zero active users for today and the 20th, I can't see yesterday yet. Being able to see the number of users isn't too critical i just need to be sure the rest of the service is functioning correctly as this update uses Kinvey to tell the app to subtract a withdrawal amount from a specified users total when a specific value is entered into the corresponding field in the collection. I can go into further detail about how this update will function but basically real money is at stake if there is an error an either end, I understand the risk involved and will not hold Kinvey liable if there does turn out to be a problem as most of it is on my end, it was just worrisome to be about to press the button to release the update then see my users plummet to 0 which then in my mind brought the rest of the Kinvey service into question. As long as you can confirm that collections are functioning as they should I will release the update. And I'd just like to clarify that I will not hold Kinvey responsible if any errors do occur as it is my choice to use this service.

Thank you for your help on this issue,

Bryan Stevens

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