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Password Reset not working?


I am trying to use the reset password feature, making post requests like this one:


(With a empty post body, and with app credentials)


But never received any email .

I also tried


in java, but also did nor receive any emails.


What am i doing wrong?



Hi Eduardo,

Can you tell me what the values are in username and email columns for the user for which you tried password reset?

Is this working for other users?



Kinvey Support

Hello Wani,

in this example the username = "", without email column.

Best regards,



The password reset feature sends an email (containing a link) to the requested user. Specifically, since the user's username property can be anything (it does not have to contain a valid email address), Kinvey sends this email to the email property of the user. This means that if you want to reset the password of a user, you must make sure the user has a valid email property.

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I added the email column and it worked!


Excellent! We're glad to hear it. Good luck with your app.

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