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Execute an customEndpoint without logged in more info


So I see this post and noticed that there are a few work arounds. However, it seems like none are quite feasible for me since i am using the business logic on Android and iOS. I don't think using a master secret in the app hardcoded would be a good idea. I am using another 3rd party db for user credentials and only using Kinvey for business logic. I currently have 1 user that i created through the web app and all the users just automatically get logged in through that so it can use the business logic. Is that an okay approach? 



You are right, using master secret would not be recommended. In your use case, I think using just one common user to execute BL will suffice.

Can you tell me more about what kind of app you are building?



Kinvey Support

Hi Wani,

I ended up implementing the entire Kinvey login functionality so now the user has his own Kinvey account too since I read online that it may trigger a warning eventually when I have many users. Not sure what is best though? I am building a piece of hardware that takes in some data from the app and orders things properly. I am using kinvey cloud code for basic HTTP calls to the hardware. 

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