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Paypal / Braintree integration

I have developed a Xamarin app using Kinvey as my mBaaS but for some reason Kinvey is not communicating with either my Paypal or Braintree accounts.

Any assistance you could offer would be a huge help.

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Hi Jamila,

What is your use case behind this issue?

Can you explain what you mean by Kinvey-Paypal or Kinvey-Braintree communication? What are the exact steps you took where you faced this issue?



Kinvey Support

Hello Jamila,

Also, if you could provide us with the KID for the app that you're having trouble with that will help us look at our logs for your app and see if we see any obvious problems.

In addition to Wan's questions, can you provide some additional details about how your app is communicating with Paypal and Braintree? By Braintree, you're referring to the Braintree payment systems, correct?



Hi Billy and Wani

Thanks for your response and sorry for the delay in mine.

For some reason my Braintree payments are showing up in the Kinvey backend but not communicating with Braintree itself. 

I have spoken with Braintree and they have said the following: "The response you are receiving sounds like it is on your client, and it is a payment method nonce as I described in my last email. This nonce needs to be passed to your server and used in one of the API calls that I described."

Does this make any sense at all? I'm very confused.

Happy to provide my KID. Is it safe to post via a forum?

Many thanks,


Hello Jamila,

I will communicate with you in a separate email and you can share the KID with me there for security reasons.




Can you please confirm if Paypal/Braintree support RESTFul API for the transactions? You could call these API’s through Business logic/ custom endpoints.

Currently, Kinvey doesn’t expose Paypal/Braintree’s (server side) API through backend SDK.




Kinvey Support

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