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Swift 3 support?

Any chance theres going to be a swift 3 compatible version of the SDK now that Xcode 8 GM is out?

perhaps as an update to

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Hi Andrew,

We are already working on adding support for iOS 10 and Swift 3 in our SDK.

I will check with the Engineering team and get back to you with an update.



Kinvey Support

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Sounds great Aniruddha :) 

My other 5 dependencies have already made the leap, just waiting on Kinvey now!

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Looks like they have a Swift 3 SDK as of yesterday (, but it will likely need another quick update because Realm 1.1 just came out with Swift 3 support a day later.  Also, they mention that they are going to update cocoapod repo too.

Hello Everyone,

Two problems with the Swift v3.x library has been escalated to Engineering for review.



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