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Cannot upload .p12

Hi there,

trying to upload a .p12 certificate as I think the old one is invalid. However it's not letting me save it, even though I know that the password is correct. Can an admin delete my current .p12 please?



Hi Oli,

  1. What was the type of old certificate (production/development)?
  2. What is the type of new one?

If you added a development cert previously but now you are adding a production cert, this can cause an issue when trying to upload.

Also if you could provide me with the specific timestamp of when you saw the error that will help me to dig into this issue.


Kinvey Support

I'm trying to add a dev cert, and the error is : "There was an internal server error when processing your push configuration. Please verify that password is correct and certificate is not expired.".


The type of new .12 certificate is "development". What was the type of old certificate you had installed before this?



Kinvey Support

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