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execution of a background task timed out for no reason

My business is depend on Kinvey to save and update information for users. I have be experiencing Non-reasonable task timed out for every Tuesday! The system work fine on other days. But on Tuesday, I have a hard time saving thing to collections. At first I think there is something wrong with my business logic code, but I can't find any errors. and it work fine ONLY EXCEPT TUESDAY! It really effect me and my client. I have been trying to contact Kinvey by email but NOBADY reply me. 

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Hello Ckw Cfm,

We are looking into this problem. Can you provide me with some additional details? We need to know details about your application and I am unable to track it down using your email address.

Specifically we need to know the KID of your application which is in the upper right hand corner of the Kinvey Console Dashboard. For security purposes, it wills be better if you send it to our support email address which is

Please describe the type of requests that you are sending that are timing out and the collections and or business logic scripts that these timed out requests are using.

As soon as we have this information we can begin looking into your problem.

Also, where have you been trying to email us?


Billy Gee

Kinvey Customer Support

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