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Relational Concepts in Titanium 3x


i have questions about relational Data in Kinvey 3. There is some point that isn't really clear to me, at the moment. (So i've created a new topic)

Let's assume:

My app have "events" and users can take part of this events (with different status ) Until now i have 3 Collection the "users" (of course) one for the events and one called "eventuser" storing a relation to the user, the event and some addional stuff (like the status for example)

On Kinvey V3 - Should i create a property of the "events" collection named "users" and store an object like:

fullname : "John Smith",
avatar : "url",
_id : "xxxx",

status : "accept",

description : "I am looking forward to this event"


(Fullname and avatar are the only fields i need to display at once in the app. )

for each single user?

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Hi Nico,

We recently added a new guide to Kinvey devcenter about data modelling:

Can you take a look at this once?



Kinvey Support

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