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User Discovery Issue in Angular SDK

Following the directions for User Discovery in an Angular app here:

I get the following error when I follow the directions exactly:

'$kinvey.UsersStore is not a constructor'

I can create, save and update users no problem. I need to find all users with a 'type' of 'vendor' and return them as a list to the current view. When I look through the Kinvey Angular SDK I don't see any reference to 'UsersStore'. I only see 'UserStore' which I tried with no luck. I've played around with a few other syntaxes and either get the above error or 'find is not a function of..'.

Here's my code:


var filter = new $kinvey.Query();

filter.equalTo('type', 'vendor');

  var usersStore = new $kinvey.UsersStore(); // This is where it is currently failing

  var promise = usersStore.find(filter, {

    discover: true


  promise.then(function(entities) {

   vendors = entities;

   console.log('getVendors subscribe', vendors);


  }, function(error) {

    console.log('getVendors error', error);




Using Angular v1.5.3 and Kinvey Angular SDK v3.2.1


Have you resolved it using this: $kinvey.UserStore(); ?

Kinvey Support


We have released a new version of the Kinvey Angular SDK v3.2.2 that fixes this problem. You can find the update for download at the following URL.



Kinvey Support

This issue has been resolved. There is currently a bug in the Kinvey Angular SDK.

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