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User Discovery Issue in Angular SDK

Following the directions for User Discovery in an Angular app here:

I get the following error when I follow the directions exactly:

'$kinvey.UsersStore is not a constructor'

I can create, save and update users no problem. I need to find all users with a 'type' of 'vendor' and return them as a list to the current view. When I look through the Kinvey Angular SDK I don't see any reference to 'UsersStore'. I only see 'UserStore' which I tried with no luck. I've played around with a few other syntaxes and either get the above error or 'find is not a function of..'.

Here's my code:


var filter = new $kinvey.Query();

filter.equalTo('type', 'vendor');

  var usersStore = new $kinvey.UsersStore(); // This is where it is currently failing

  var promise = usersStore.find(filter, {

    discover: true


  promise.then(function(entities) {

   vendors = entities;

   console.log('getVendors subscribe', vendors);


  }, function(error) {

    console.log('getVendors error', error);




Using Angular v1.5.3 and Kinvey Angular SDK v3.2.1

This issue has been resolved. There is currently a bug in the Kinvey Angular SDK.


Have you resolved it using this: $kinvey.UserStore(); ?

Kinvey Support


We have released a new version of the Kinvey Angular SDK v3.2.2 that fixes this problem. You can find the update for download at the following URL.



Kinvey Support

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