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I can't log into Kinvey through my JS application

 I'm getting the following error when I try to login:



Can you share the kid of the application? Which Kinvey SDK and version are you on currently?

Can you also tell me if this error is intermittent or consistently reproducible?



Kinvey Support

Hi, Wani,

It seems that I have found the problem. It was the difference between the following 2 lines:
'Authorization': "Basic" + btoa(kinveyAppKey + ":" + kinveyAppSecret),
'Authorization': "Basic " + btoa(kinveyAppKey + ":" + kinveyAppSecret),
where in the first line I don't have an empty space between the word Basic and the symbol ".

I'm just starting with Kinvey and I believe I'll have other questions in the following days.



Great that you were able to move past this issue.

Please keep posting to the Forums and we'll be here to help you.

I hope you are using v3 version of the SDKs because that's our latest and greatest.



I haven't downloaded the SDK and I don't know whether I should do this. I only need the database for a course project.


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