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Kinvey SDK in Business Logic


This might be a stupid question, I'm new to Kinvey and Node.js. How can I include the Kinvey SDK inside the business logic scripts? Is this possible? If not why?



Can you please explain your usecase in detail - what exactly you want to do in BL?

Kinvey Support


I'm trying to creating my custom sign up script. The sign up function the Kinvey provides does not include email. What i'm trying to do is have a signUp script where it check if the username or the email is in use, and if they are send the user an error message back informing the user that  the email or user name is in use. 

I can check for the uniqueness of the email and user name no problem, its the creating of the User in the user table that doesn't work. If I create it manually using collection access module, I can't login using the username and password I created. 

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