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REST API Entity Creation _geoloc broken

Trying to upload our full database of Markets for final QA but the file is too large to use the built in import. We've written a script that adds the markets however we're getting an error with _geoloc being out of bounds. We've double checked the _geoloc documentation and believe the lat/lon bounds are reversed.

I went ahead and reversed it on my end and the script ran fine. Now when trying to use our app we are not seeing any locations. This is because the lat/lon are now reversed to satisfy the API's current setup.

Just to be sure, I went into the Kinvey data manager and reversed one of the _geoloc fields on a nearby market and sure enough it displayed correctly in the app.

When we run the script with the correct lat/lon setup per the documenation, half of the entities make it through while the other half fail because the bounds are mixed up. Please help resolve as this is preventing us from uploading our full list via the REST API.

Originally filed as a support ticket I guess. I thought I was posting to the forum since they're on the same page.

Need this fixed asap. We cannot purchase a plan until the app is approved and submitted to the app store. This bug is preventing us from moving forward.

Hi Jon,

Our backend database is Mongo and Mongo requires [x,y] or [long,lat]. You can find this documented in our DevCenter at the following URL.

If this doesn't help, can you give me a specific example of the lat-long issue that you are seeing?

Also an example of the request that your script is doing while posting these lat-long?



Kinvey Support

Thanks Billy,

We've followed the directions and with a smaller data set we can use the built in kinvey import and everything works fine. It is only through the REST API that we get an error that our [long,lat] is not correct.

Like I said in the original post, if I manually swap the lat/lon within Kinvey, that entry works fine. I cannot currently upload it that way because the Kinvey REST API gives me an error for half of the entries. 

Sorry for using the wrong name. I copied and pasted from an email response I started composing.

If I reverse the lat/lon in my app it works. Sorry for the confusion. The Kinvey import worked with our smaller dataset using the other _geoloc format and the nearSphere lookups were working fine and returning the correct results.

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