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Importing CSV error


1. I'm getting an import was unsuccessful popup message when I try to import a 38,000 line cvs. 

Sample data





Some of the file will load, but it varies. This time it loaded 7716 lines. Cleared and tried again, 1694 loaded. Both times got import was unsuccessful.

2. How do I view the actual error message? 


Hi Matt,

I was able to upload the CSV file successfully in my environment.

Here's what happened with me:

  • I selected the file and clicked on upload.
  • In Browser Developer Tools>Network, I was able to see that the import request was (202 accepted) and processing. I left this browser tab as it is.
  • In a separate browser tab, I opened API console and kept querying the count for the collection I was importing to.
  • Within a couple of minutes, I was able to see all 38426 rows in the API console as well as data browser.

Please let me know once you have tried this way. In case you notice any errors in Browser Developer Tools, post them here.



Thanks Wani...

Where do I find Browser Developer Tools>Network (is it in console?). What is the query string for getting the collection count? Can't find any API documentation.

Thanks again - much appreciated.


Thank you Wani, I appreciate the help.

1. I'm not able to locate Browser Developer Tools>Network - Can you point me in the right direction?

2. What is the query script for getting a collection count?

Thanks again!

Also...I want to assign my own ID. if the header has _id and it's the first column, will the work? Seems to look OK when explored. Thx

Hi Matt,

Have you checked browser console to see the error messages there?

My best guess is that it's an issue with the data format.



Kinvey Support

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