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Kinvey performance and speed

Since yesterday evening (Jan 23), Kinvey performance seems to be very slow.

Changing from Dashboard to Data, plus reading and updating Rest files.

Our overall internet speed is almost 90 Mbps, so that's not the problem.

Hi Sebastiaan,

Can you give me some more details about the performance issues you faced? E.g. Are all the calls showing performance degradation or only BL? Are you able to login? Are the calls timing out or just returning slower than usual? Has the traffic to your app increased in the last few weeks?



Kinvey Support


Thx for your quick reply.

1. In the online browser : when changing from dashboard to data : it is much slower than the last months. Making a search in the data takes much more time (several seconds, instead of previously within a second). Also with the data files it is slower.

2. Within the app: login is successful (we use logon scripts via rest (standard Kinvey since about 1 year)). But the overall process of login, checking a control file, and updating again the control file is slower than before. We have the impression that, in our app downloading of data is slower than before. In our logs, the function 'QueryAppData' is particularly slow. Traffic has not increased (we're using a small test data base). 

3. Our process is : data is entered in Windows environment. Upload to Kinvey is done from Windows via REST. We do, in Windows, a verification between Kinvey and local to ensure to reduce extra upload traffic. The mobile app is just checking a control file, and then downloading it to the mobile app, only for newer data.

We use the 'old' DashBoard from 2016. We did not test the new DashBoard.

ps: we also see an error in the DashBoard regarding Files storage. Deleted files seem not to be reduced from the storage counter.

Kind regards,


Team Octyx


The performance problem that you faced yesterday has been resolved now. It was a problem with the backend.

Let us know if you are still seeing any performance issues.




Hello from Belgium.

Thx for your fast reply.

It is working again as before. My performance/speed issue is solved.

I appreciate your very fast reaction on this topic. Thanks !

Kind regards,


Team Octyx

Hi Sebastiaan,

Glad we could help.

We would like you to try the new dashboard: Also, we are aware of the bug related to "Storage counter" and the Engineering team is working on it.

You mentioned that you are hoping for more traffic soon. Can you give me more details on that? Are you planning to go live? If your app already is live, are you planning to cater to bigger audience in the next couple of months?



Hello Wani,

Thx for the further information.

We started to try the new dashboard, but due to other priorities we did not have much time to focus. We'll plan to investigate further.

Our Windows application is on the market since some years, and we have paying customers (slowly growing). Our mobile application (mobile Octyx) is live with V2 on iPhone only for the moment. However, it is not complete yet, and we are working hard to enable all functions in he mobile app. First read-only, and later with input. We expect in the course of 2017 V3 with many new functionalities. V4 (2017/2018) will focus on iPad, and possible Android.

We also use this development as an experience with Kinvey (very positive) to define and build further applications. We have a strong background in (digital) banking and want to push much further on this (as many things are going to change here in Europe). 

We will keep you updated.

Kind regards, and thanks again for your support,


Team Octyx

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