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some variables in collection not loading

I have an entity named Event under event I have fileIDArray as shown in the image below 


I then save this array which contains fileIds of images in the event collection and it shows in the database. I go ahead to load these images in a scrollview by querying for a category of events in loadMyExperiences() and then i obtain the events as shown below.Then events together with the filesIDArray are obtained only if I delete the application and then run it again.However running the deleted app a second time or more gives me an empty[indexpath.row].filesIDArray however[indexPath.row] still shows the event as seen in the cellforrowatIndexPath.Why am I not getting the filesIDArray when I run my app more that once after deletion and reinstalling?




Hello bkwart,

Thank you for reporting this problem.

Can you confirm the following?

This is the BlissFinal app, correct?

You are using iOS SDK v3.3.3, correct?

If you are, in fact using v3.3.3, there is a later version of the SDK v3.3.8, that we strongly recommend that you download and install and try reproducing this problem. There have been a significant number of changes since v3.3.3 and that includes areas around collections and storing files. 

Once you have had a chance to upgrade to the latest SDK, please let us know whether or not you are still experiencing this problem.


Billy Gee

Kinvey Support

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