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Unable to see/edit users in database

Hi all,

I am facing a serious problem - I can't see the details of the users in my database, it shows up empty all the time no matter how many users there are.

I can retrieve data of users by the api console, but still, why I cant look into them in Database mode?

Hello Giedrius,

We are still investigating what happened that caused your columns to become hidden. We will keep you updated as we learn more.


Billy Gee

Hi Pranav,

This solution helped me a lot. It's working fine now.

Can you tell me why this "Hide all" option has been activated if I am not even touched this section?



Please click on the button next to the "Add User" button in the user collection and confirm if "Column visibility and sorting" is set to "Show All"?

If it's not, then click on "Show All" and close that window. Refresh the page and see if you are seeing the list of users.




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