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Push multiple app

Good morning; we are trying your services, integrating with Embarcadero structure.

We are looking to produce some different App that send Push notification  

by selecting Users form only one table ... Is it possible ?

For Example, We want to create Hairdresse APP, Baker APP, GYM APP and so on... 

Each user that download Any kind of APP register himself on Users... on Kinvey APP Named "UserApp".. Than.. With the integration of a Collection Hooks... Can we Send Push notification to All Users register .... Independent form the APP ? 

IS IT Possible  ? 

Thank a lot

Best Answer

This is not possible. Each app has it's own backend and it's user database is maintained separately.



Hello Sagar,

Thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions. We will share these suggestions with our Product team for consideration in the future.


Billy Gee

I have used Kinvey with Rad Studio Berlin and Now Tokyo too.

What you need to do is have all your apps on their own respective backends on kinvey. during signup you can use collection hooks on the _user collection to update a central database elsewhere to hold a uniquely identifying property and an array of applications and the respective user _id in each application (this does not need to be on kinvey - but can be, however you would NOT use this 'central' backend to send push notifications (directly)... each app must receive push notifications from its own backend - but we can solve this later).

If this is an inhouse app you could very quicky build an app to administrate users across all backends with the 'look and feel' of a single interface and for the users a single username/password. Alternatively - in order for you to identify the user as being common across app's you would need to collect something unique from the user. Their Email can usually do the trick however sometimes users may try alternate between their email accounts and so it may be useful to have other parameters to compare if the option is available, if would also be noteworthy that the passwords will not be linked either. in short the user will have to signup to each app individually. This will allow you to collect information on each unique user and which applications they have installed.

Each application would require for you to have collection hooks which post your desired Push notification from each respective app, the collection hook will need to accept a parameter _id (this will be different for each app).

You can then write an application to read a record of a user from the central table, iterate through the array of _id's / application names, for each application perform a REST call to the respective collection hook. Alternatively if you are using a kinvey central backend, you can even create another collection hook here that calls the other collection hooks.

Need more help

Lots of rad + kinvey experience.


This is not possible. Each app has it's own backend and it's user database is maintained separately.



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