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SyncAsync is ignoring query for iOS

Hi guys

I tried to use query parameter for dataStore.SyncAsync but it does not seem to work on Xamarin.

REST API URL does not show any query.

Is this a bug?


Hi Billy

This is the other app, "DM"

I have got version 3.0.5 of Xamarin SDK.

I have got this in my code:

var query = from e in dataStore
 where e.creator_id == KinveyHelper.activeUser.Id
 select e;
 var response = await dataStore.SyncAsync(query);

But in the log I see this:

2017-05-03 14:31:46.897 UnitTests[24807:4386104] KINVEY: ------------------------REQUEST

2017-05-03 14:31:46.898 UnitTests[24807:4386104] KINVEY: GET ->

2017-05-03 14:31:46.900 UnitTests[24807:4386104] KINVEY: user-agent -> xamarin-kinvey-http/3.0.5

No query in URL


Hello Slava,

I have a few questions and requests to help us investigate this problem for you.

Please send me the KID of your app to I think it's the P*** F***** app, correct?

What version of the Xamarin SDK are you using when you encounter this problem.

When it doesn't work, are you seeing any error codes or messages or anything else that might help us understand what you are encountering? Perhaps a screenshot might help of the error.

Can you please post a code snippet of the function you are using when you encounter this error including the query itself?

Can you also share the URL that you mention that is not showing in the query?

We look forward to hearing back from you.


Billy Gee

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