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Kinvey Flex SDK

Need information on how to make use of Kinvey Flex SDK to remove the server less architecture. Any help is appreciated. 

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No. We don't need to give any special access in the console in order to config the Kinvey-cli locally.

I reviewed the logs and found that you have 2 separate apps on 'fi-us1' and 'fi-us2'. Please make sure you are using the correct host where Flex service is created. Have you tried the following?

If the above suggestion doesn't work, then I will get inputs from engineering on this issue.


Apologies. Actually, I wanted to remove the server which I am using for my purpose. Nonetheless, I wanted to understand a concept of this Kinvey Flex SDK. The use case goes below,

 I am into Node JS and I have to code something in such a way that I should use "kinvey flex sdk" to make GET or POST request. A simple example would be fine. 

Example: I have a setup to enter username/password. Need to make use of "kinvey flex sdk" to POST it using method. Kinvey's part would be to authenticate the user and send a token back or a mere string "Authenticated". 

App Key - kid_S1Va9pr1b

Please help.



Hello Surya,

Thank you very much for moving your question to the Forum.

Can you describe your use case in greater detail, please. We don't understand what you're trying to accomplish. The Kinvey Flex SDK is a serverless architecture and you're asking to remove it. Can you help us understand what you are trying to accomplish?


Billy Gee

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