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Exception after Logout on Android

Dear Kinvey team.

During our development we met that user could not logout from our app.

Here is a steps to reproduce

1. Launch the app and Login

2. Tap Log out button


And after we call UserStore.logout(KinveyClient); we are getting this exception:

Class does not exist in the Realm and cannot be queried: KinveyFile

Please note, that this issue reproduce from time to time.

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This problem was mentioned in 3.0.0-BETA-2 version, and 3.0.0 version too. But now it is a really rare case. For 3 times out of 100, for example.

We have updated SDK to the latest one and for now, we have not met it yet. 

Hello Michael,

On July 9, 10, and 11, 2017, there are approximately 462 requests that originated from an app that was built using Android SDK v3.0.0-BETA-2. I want to make certain that the logout problem described in this ticket is occurring on the 3.0.0 version and not the 3.0.0-BETA-2 version. Can you please confirm which one is experiencing the logout problem?



Hi Billy!

Actually we are using the ADK 3.0.0, not beta version.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for getting this posted on the Forum. We are looking into this and will be back with you with questions or suggestions.


Billy Gee

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