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Admin API


This link:

mentions that: "...You can use the master credentials to create your own custom admin console or scripts, or to access Kinvey data from business logic running in a trusted environment."

Also, this discussion from 3 years ago:

mentions that: "...we are working on a public management API that will allow you to interact with your backend. Most everything you can do with the console today will be available through this API. Stay tuned as we do not have a release date set just yet."

However, reading through the REST api docs, they seem very limited compared to what can be done using the console, like managing business logic, so I don't understand how I could create a custom console if I don't have API access.

I'm hoping I just missed the docs page explaining this, but in case I didn't, I would like to request this feature as it's extremely important for my use case.

Alternatively, if this feature doesn't align with your roadmap (in which case I suggest editing the docs link above), can I use the API routes used by your console? 


Hi Ayoub,

Could you please answer few questions for me:

  1. Can you please elaborate your use case for the application.
  2. What platform are you using for building this application. Or are you planning to use kinvey through REST apis?
It will really help us to help you if you provide these details.


Hi Abhijeet,

1. I plan on building a customized admin console.

2. Yes, I'm planning on using the REST api. 

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