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Bug when uninstall app and reinstall it - repeated push notification

Good Morning !


I'm having a bug in notifications using the android devices.


The bug is this: Every time I uninstall the application and install again, when I send a notification to that user, it arrives repeated.


If I uninstall the application 5 times and reinstall it 5 times, the notification checks 5 times.


I'm using delphi Xe 10.1 in sets with components: kinveyprovider, PushEvents and BackendPush1

Take a look at this topic:



There in the comments a user reports the same problem as mine!

Hello Lunar Technologi,

For the user that you are trying to send the push to, please go to the Users collection and locate that user. Then in the _messaging column for that user, tell me how many tokens are configured for the device.

Next, uninstall the app and then reinstall the app and check the _messaging column again for that user and tell me how many tokens are now configured for the device.

I do not find any unregister-device requests in our server logs but I do find a number of register-device logs so I would like to know what the _messaging field looks like.

When you shut down the app, does the app issue an unregister request for the user/device in question?

Please provide the _id and the email address for the user that is receiving multiple messages on the same device so we can search our server logs and narrow down matching the logs to the requests in question.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


Billy Gee

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