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myClient.push(GCMService.class).initialize(getApplication()); displays error


I was walking through the tutorials of how to implement push notifications into android app.

But I am blocked by registering device.


"GCMService.class" displays as an error and "initialize" method is deprecated.

Guys, please update your tutorials, they are bug free and it's not the first time.

P.S. Do not share any links with the same tutorial which I was walking through. I need working code or a problem solution. Let's go straight to the point

Hello Giedrius,

I believe you are currently using an older version of the Kinvey Android SDK v2.10.11, is that correct?

The documentation in the DevCenter will be current for the latest release of the SDK which in this case is Android SDK v3.0.1.

We are investigating what changed with an earlier version of the SDK that caused this problem and we'll try and find out what you should be doing to register a device using 2.10.11.

We haven't announced it yet but there will be an announcement soon informing everyone who uses Android SDK 2.x that the release will reach End-of-Support (EOS) sometime in the future. Until that to-be-determined EOS date, we will continue to support the 2.x release, however, you should consider putting a plan in place to migrate to the Android SDK 3.x version sometime in the near future.

We'll get back with you shortly on how to code this functionality in the 2.10.11 release.


Billy Gee

You guys have so many so many links that I can't even understand which version I am using..

I have started to understand v2 and now it is going to be shutted down...


I want to apologise you, Billy.

I am being really handy when my app is not working:/ Right now I have finished implementing v3.

Works great, Thank you lads !

I mean Angry, not handy :DD

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