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App won't start/hangs (at Kinney.initialize)


since my last dependency updates my App won't start anymore. The App is calling  'Kinvey.sharedClient.initialize', but never finishes.

Pods versions:

KeychainAccess (3.0.2)

Kinvey (3.5.4)

ObjectMapper (2.2.7)

PromiseKit (4.2.2)

PubNub (4.6.1)

Realm (2.8.3)

RealmSwift (2.8.3)

XCGLogger (4.0.0)

Please see the attached screenshots for the stack trace.

Has something changed in the last versions? Has anybody also this problem? Can I solve it?


Following are my dependencies installed from the podfile and everything is working fine.

Analyzing dependencies
Downloading dependencies
Using KeychainAccess (3.0.2)
Using Kinvey (3.5.4)
Using ObjectMapper (2.2.7)
Using PromiseKit (4.2.2)
Using PubNub (4.6.1)
Using Realm (2.8.3)
Using RealmSwift (2.8.3)
Using XCGLogger (4.0.0)

Generating Pods project
Integrating client project
Sending stats
Pod installation complete! There is 1 dependency from the Podfile and 7 total pods installed.

Let me know if it helps you.



Hello Jan,

Thank you for reporting this problem. We recently had an issue with PubNub that has since been corrected. It is likely that your problem will be resolved if you perform a "pod repo update" and then "pod install" or "pod update". 

If you find that this does not resolve your problem, please update this post with your steps and results and will will investigate further.


Billy Gee

Kinvey Support


unfortunately "pod repo update" isn't solving my problem.

1. I set specific versions in the Podfile. With these versions the problem doesn't occur. I didn't check every possibility, maybe other versions work also. 

    pod 'Kinvey', '3.5.1'

  pod 'ObjectMapper', '2.2.6'

  pod 'KeychainAccess', '3.0.2'

  pod 'PromiseKit', '4.2.2'

  pod 'Realm', '2.7.0'

  pod 'RealmSwift', '2.7.0'

  pod 'XCGLogger', '4.0.0'

2. I reverted my Podfile to "pod 'Kinvey'" only.

3. I called "pod install" and then "pod update" to get the latest versions.

With the latest versions the error occurred again (exactly as described in my first post). I didn't changed any code in my App.

Hello Jan,

Thank you for the quick reply. We'll look at this during our next couple of work shifts and get back to you with additional suggestions or questions as soon as possible.

The "pod repo update" should have worked. While we're investigating this further, you might want to try the update one more time followed by the "pod install" or "pod update" again just to be certain.

We will get back with you shortly.


Billy Gee

Kinvey Support

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