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Update User in Kinvey 3 for Android not implemented

Despite being documented here [0], the UserStore#update method does not exist in Kinvey 3 for Android. This new method replaces the old (Kinvey 2) User#update method [1], which is no longer included in version 3.Thus, I'm currently unable to update a user after login/signup.

Furthermore, the migration guide [2] does not even mention the changed update method.




P.S.: I already opened a ticket (#3866). The first answer showed that Kinvey support obviously didn't even read my ticket (default answer describing how to create a Kinvey app), so I'm posting this to the forums in case anyone else found a solution or experiences the same issue. If Kinvey support decides to finally really read my ticket and provides an answer, I'll post it here.

Apparently, Kinvey 3.0.2 fixes this bug.


According to Kinvey's second response, this is a known issue being worked on. Currently, there does not seem to be a workaround or alternative.


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