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query in .find method not working properly

hey there!
i want to load the items of a specific user by using .find method with query.
the way i implemented it is given as follows:


String userId = client.getActiveUser().getId();

Query query = client.query().in("_acl", new String[]{"{\"creator\":\""+userId+"\"}"});
todoStore.find(query, new KinveyListCallback<MyTodosDataModel>() {
public void onSuccess(List<MyTodosDataModel> Todo) { ......

the method on success is getting called but it is not loading anything, although this user is having multiple items in collection
what am i doing wrong?

Hi Kinza,

Let the userId be string only and please try following:

String userId = getKinveyClient().getActiveUser().getId();
System.out.println(" userId : "+userId);
Query query = getKinveyClient().query().in("_acl.creator", new String[]{userId});

Make sure the userId is the same one which is present in '_acl.creator' field. In this case, 'userId' is the id of user which is currently logged in the application. While '_acl.creator' field in entity will contain the id of the user which created that particular entity.

Let us know if this answers your question.


Hey. Thankyou for replying. Can you please provide me with a query to load all the items of a specific user, when i am having user id (the _acl column value) ?

Hello Kinza,

Please try changing the type of the userId variable from "String" To "User". The getActiveUser() call returns a user object and not a string.

Please see an example at the following URL regarding active Users.

NOTE: You need to have a user already logged in to the app for the getActiveUser function to return the User object.

I hope this helps. I will have one of our Android support engineers take a look at this on Monday morning for any additional feedback.


Billy Gee

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