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Custom proprieties in Kinvey File

Dear Kinvey Team,


I've got a problem with customize proprieties subclassing the File class. I would like to add new fields in the collection _blob. I created the class "CustomFile", with the new fields, but  I can't override mapping function. I'm using Kinvey SDK 3.6.

Could you please help me?

Hello Carmelo,

Back on July 26th  Pranav asked you some questions.

  1. When you tried to store data in the new filed, what error did you receive indicating failure?
  2. What is the name of the field that you added?
  3. Can you try adding data to the new filed again and note the timestamp (including timezone) so we can search our server logs an find the request.
  4. When you reproduce the problem in #3, what data were you trying to insert into the field.
We look forward to hearing back from you.


Billy Gee


  1. What error do you get?
  2. Can you please elaborate on your usecase of adding new fields?




I want to add a column in _blob collection to store the user who last edited the file. 

I added the column from console but I can't set that propriety. 

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